Calathes Imperios

Male Half-Elf Magus


Calathes Imperios is his name, and Alisterra is his birth city. Born to mixed race parents, his human father is Zakeria a sorcerer of the Magic Guild of Alisterra, and his elven mother is Amrunelara, a renowned fighter who now spends much of her time teaching swordsplay in the Fighters Guild of Alisterra. His parents met while they were in their adventuring phase of life, but decided to settle down in Alisterra after baby Calathes was born during an adventure. He is the eldest of the three siblings his parents birthed, the middle being his sister Elsbeth and the youngest being his brother Kyras.

It was quite early on in Calathes’ life when he realized that he was called to both of his parents professions. Since Alisterra was a city focused mostly on trade, it did not possess one of the more specialized spell-and-sword schools that some of the larger cities have. Thanks to his parents support, who used their resources (both financial and contacts) Calathes was able get admitted to the much famed but small Windblade Academy and Guild located in Eskarn City at the age of 20.

Over the span of the next 15 years he was trained in the various marshal styles and apprenticed to the ways of how magic can be used to enhance both life and war. He graduated with honors roughly six years ago, though not by any means at the top of the class. After schooling he was signed up (with his permission) for a five year tour of duty as part of the Skysword Company, a famed subordinate branch of the Windblade Academy. This tour of duty took him near all over the nation as part of various protective, guarding, and investigative missions. It was a great time, but even it had to end sometime.

After finishing the tour he was honorably discharged from the company with sad farewells from his cohorts. Armed with various job offers from governments, nobles, and multiple guilds, Calathes decided to head back to Alisterra before making any decisions. He knew that his entire life was now open before him, and he wanted to meditate on what sort of path he wished to travel. He has a few months – maybe a year – before the job opportunities he was given close to him, and so he plans on taking as much time as he needs. If this involves him taking some small short term jobs, then its all for the best.

And so, the start of the game has begun. Calathes can be found in the Dragon’s Claw Tavern hanging out with some friends, discussing life’s many philosophies, and just generally relaxing. Of course, he had no clue that one of the greatest adventurers he would have in life was about to begin.


Race: Half-Elf. As mentioned, Calathes’ mother is elven and his father is human. He lives in a city where a lot of elves and half-elves are present, so he is not so much ostracized as he would be in a lot of other places.

Gender: Male, completely and all. While not masculine in the stereotypical heavy muscles, he is clearly male in physicality and mannerisms.

Age: At the start of the game, Calathes is 42, which is not even middle age for a half-elf like him.

Career: Calathes has long believed in the unification of the arts of magic and swordplay. He now lives such a dream, being both a pretty good wizard and a pretty good fighter. He has to thank his parents for providing the means for achieving this dream, and to the masters of the Windblade Academy for helping him actually reach them.

Personality: Calathes is a social butterfly, willing to talk to anybody and not judging when it comes to differences. His parents were adventurers – and met and worked with people from many different races and cultures – and so has no true distaste or hatred for those of other races or cultures. He is quite confident when it comes to matters related to both magic and swordsplay, and will not let othrs denigrade him about them. Nor does he tolerate bullies and those full of hatred, and will rise to the defense of those who cannot defend themselves (for whatever reason). That said, as he has spent so much time on his dual lessons he has spent little on figuring out the details of who he is and what he wants out of life. In such matters he is often quiet and prone to brooding introspection.

Family: Calathes has two living parents, his mother (Amrunelara) is an elven fighter and his father (Zakeria) is a human wizard. He also has two siblings, a middle girl (Elsbeth) and a younger male (Kyras). All of the children are half-elves. Zakeria comes from the small hamlet of Byron’s Berry so none of his family are present. Amrunelara comes from a deep forest elven settlement, and so all of her family are not really around.

Friends: Calathes has spent the last two decades away from Alisterra learning from the Windblade Academy and fighting with the Skysword Company. He is not really a loner, so he has made a lot of acquantices and friends in all his travels. In Alisterra itself his many childhood friends are quite happy to have him back, even if its for a little while, so their is a lot of partying going around. From the Windblade Academy he has teachers and fellow students who all know him and like him. Some of them have even called upon his services over the last few years. Finally, since he spent the last five years with the battlebrothers of the Skysword Company, it is they he has become quite close with.

Relationships: Calathes is unattached at this time, though it is not for a lack of trying. Spending a decade and a half in schooling, and then five years roaming around with a mercenary band does not provide much time for romance. He feels that love will come when it comes, and in whatever form it comes in, so he is not really worried. Plus, he still has a lot of life left, he is not even middle age by his half-elven standards, and a lot of experiences to see.


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Calathes Imperios

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